Free Range Hog Roast for Any Event

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When you order your Hog Roast, whether it is for a private party, wedding, or corporate event our Company sources only the best free range locally grown hogs specifically chosen for their roasting characteristics. We provide generous portions of the most succulent spit roasted pork that you have ever tasted - not to mention the crackling!

Over the years our family run business has served pig roast to many famous people, celebrities, members of parliament, film stars, super models, etc. There is no doubt that the hog roast is one of the most popular servings available in the UK. Although the lamb is catching up and becoming very popular too.

With success after success, we pride ourselves as being the most reliable outside hog roast catering Company in this field in the UK.

As every pig roast catering requirement has a different challenge we have simplified the hog roast options that you may wish to purchase. This website is now over 20 pages. If you don’t have the time to browse all our pages please send an e-mail from the contact page.

You can sample some of our client responses if you go to our testimonials page.

Prices can be as low as £2.99 per head serving for a DIY operation, rising to £4.95 per head including a chef, depending on the quantity you order, time of year and the configuration you choose.

Clients who wish to make enquiries about hog roast wedding catering can call us or browse the spit roast options available on this website.

We order from a 24 hour bakery which provides newly baked breads ensuring you food is delivered as fresh as possible. Indeed now we have started to bake our own French bread.